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Epoxy floor coating is an attractive solution for coating your concrete slab. Perfect for high traffic areas, epoxy flooring lasts 20+ years with proper maintenance. Popular in homes and businesses alike, epoxy flooring is most used in garages and basements but recently has become a popular flooring in restaurants, kitchens, hotels and more. With a wide variety of styles, colors and effects, epoxy is a great solution for concrete floors.

An epoxy coating is a layer of liquid plastic that seals concrete slabs. Epoxy coatings create a glossy, smooth finish resistant to scratching, scuffs, and chemicals. Water resistant and durable, epoxy can be utilized for indoor and outdoor spaces. The most popular types of epoxy coatings vary in use and style. They are Metallic Epoxy and Garage Floor Coatings.


Epoxy is perfect for heavy traffic areas. Slip resistant, water resistant, stain resistant and chip resistant, epoxy coat flooring is durable and affordable. Austin Epoxy Floor specializes in commercial epoxy floors. Call us today for a quote!


Just like its namesake, metallic epoxy gives the effect of silver, copper, bronze or other metals with the use of metallic powder or synthetic pigments. The newest addition to the epoxy lineup, metallic epoxy is popular in restaurants, retail locations or offices with a modern vibe and decor.